Monday, April 18, 2011


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    This illustration was made to become the album cover for a local metal band (LAID IN STONE) I had met a few months back. The concept however, was not my own. I was given by the band a rough layout and basic color theme to work with. As seen in the picture below, I started by re-drawing all the elements of the basic layout and making them much more dynamic looking then what was seen in the rough. One final pencil drawing later, I scanned it in the computer and went to work in photo-shop.
   This illustration became to be what I believe to be one of my strongest illustrations I have ever done. The concept, dynamic anatomy and over all comic book look made this project one of my most favorite pieces to work on. 
    P.S. if you like Lamb of God ish genre of metal then i definitely recommend checking these guys out.

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